SAGT Parent Programs sponsor events for parents and opportunities to network with parents and teachers of gifted and academically advanced students.

2019-2020 Parent Programs

Does your child have grit?

SAGT speaker and author of "Raising Children with Grit"
Laila Sanguras

Septmeber 2019
A Guide to the College Application Process: Important Tips You Need to Know Now

Presented  by Tammy Pulse (CISD Counselor) and Shane Bybee ( Bybee College Prep owner)

October 2019
​​Navigating the 2020-2021 CISD Academic Planning Guide

January 2020
  • SAGT brings nationally recognized speakers to Southlake to speak on issues impacting GT children. Previous speakers include:  
                   - Ian Byrd
                    - Lisa Van Gemert
                    - Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden
                    - Dr. Carolyn Coil
                    - Dr. Birtie Kingore
                    - Julie Lythcott-Haims
                   - Dr. Michael Sayler
                    - Barbara Cofer: "Being the Best Advocate for your K-6 GT Student"
                    - "The Doc" Smitty

                    - Todd Kettler, PhD "Stress and the Gifted Student"
                    - Dr. Laila Sanguras, Author "Raising Children with Grit"

  • Exclusive  members-only  "Brown  Bag"  Q&A  sessions on  a  variety  of  topics

  • Every Spring SAGT hosts our "Roadmap to your Child's Success" presentation where parents learn from CISD administrators how to navigate the maze of accelerated, AP and GT programs